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Base Rooms

Little Angels' Schoolhouse is lucky to have 5 beautifully spacious and well-equipped base rooms!

Nursery Room - 3 months to walking age

Our nursery room caters for those aged from 3 months, right up until walking age. The nursery room is a cosy and welcoming space with lots of room for children to move around.


Children participate in various activities such as tummy play, heuristic play, messy play and story-telling.

Toddling Circus - walking age to 18 months

Our toddling circus is a space for children who are steady on their feet up until 18 months.


There's plenty for children to do, from playing with the huge ball pool, to having a rest in the comfortable cosy area!

Tweenies - 18 months to 2 1/2

Tweenies is where children have their breakfast in the morning; it's our largest base room and is double the size of the other rooms.


This room aims to entertain those aged 18 months right up until 2 1/2. Creative areas, climbing frame and slide, large play house, home corner, and well defined communication area, what more could a child ask for?


We aim to foster every child's development in learning.

Red Acorns & Pre-school

Red Acorns and Pre-School are base rooms adjacent to each other and are designed, together, to act as one large, but separated space for children of both groups.


Red Acorns is a large, vibrant and well-structured creative space, with a comfortable and well-designed cosy area for relaxation. Sand play, water play, role playing areas and construction spaces are only a small element of what this space offers.


Pre-School is designed as a more structured learning environment, with well-defined communication and literacy areas, PC with printer, a home corner, pet area (for our pet Hamster, Pipped) and plenty of opportunities for children to explore their own imagination and interests.

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