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To all staff at Little Angels' Schoolhouse,

Thank you all very much for your hard work, patience and kindness, you all are very wonderful people. Your calmness is amazing and we will miss you all so much.


Dear all at Little Angels'

Just to say how impressed I am with your continuing work to constantly improve the nursery. You are all true 'stars' and are so committed to you children and families.

Well done!

- Caroline


Little Angels' will always have a place in our hearts, Thank you and we wish you all the best in the future.

- Lizzie and James


Dear Michele and the Little Angels' Schoolhouse team,

From day one our little girls has simply adored nursery and everyone who has looked after her here. Little Angels' has played such a big part of our family's life here in London. We really feel so lucky to have found such a special place and to have met so many genuinely beautiful people.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for giving our gorgeous girl such a wonderful start in life.

We are forever grateful.

- Bianca and Shane


To Michele

Thank you so much or all your support throughout the years and thank you to your wonderful team for teaching and helping to raise my wonderful child.

You really are amazing and you are my Angel.

- Christie


A good welcome in the morning from every one of you guys, makes my mum happy when she leaves me here to go to work. I have learnt to draw and write my name too!

I think that I'm now ready for big School!

I'll miss you all.

- Sophie


A home away from home!

Little Angels' Schoolhouse is a child friendly establishment that encourages free play and imaginative thinking.

I love that the children get the opportunity to participate in the design of the nursery.

- E. Ezekiel


Little Angel's is a great nursery especially for celebrating diversity and culture. They welcome everyone by offering a wide range of traditional activities, food and events catering for everyone!

- Tyler's mummy




I love how much all the staff have gone to such a massive effort to put on a beautiful party.. Bouncy castle, cakes, music and lots of happy children! What else could a parent ask for!

- Vicki


What a amazing party they really always go to the top of their parties and put in so much effort and time.

All the staff well done!

- Dejarni's Mum


What a fantastic day! Celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday. The entertainment, the food and the lovely staff. My son loves his days at nursery.

- Gemma Crue's Mum

Feedback from the Garden Party